Summit1g makes comically costly mistake during Escape from Tarkov raid

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Escape from Tarkov is known for being extraordinarily unforgiving, but during a play session last night Summit1g didn’t do himself any favors during one round.
Playing with friends, Summit and his crew tactfully made their way to an extraction point at the end of a round, and executed what is often times the most difficult part of a raid—escaping alive.

However, as the extraction went through, Summit realized that there was something he forgot. Because of the way looting the game works, Summit strategically left a bag of important loot in the corner of a room to pick up as he extracted something that he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to lug around.

Despite his chatroom spamming messages to him reminding him about the bag as he extracted, Summit didn’t grab the bag on his way out. It wasn’t until about a second afterward that he read chat for the first time, and he immediately screamed “my bag!” in frustration.

His playing partners simultaneously couldn’t believe his forgetfulness and also took the chance to make sarcastic jokes at his expense. While one added to his exclamation with an “are you kidding me?,” another chimed in telling him not to forget about his bag, knowing full well that it was too late.

Summit might be best known for one of the most iconic fits of rage in all of game streaming history when he punched his computer monitor in frustration during a game. However, he has seemingly become more relaxed with age.

In the aftermath of his misplay, he shook off the lost loot relatively quickly and acknowledged calmly that he only had himself to blame.

“Welp, you know, that’s what I get for being a dumb ass,” he said.

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